Whats it about?

DreamVolk is a 25,000 word YA story about a pair of twelve year old friends (Adam and Sophie) who by touching a plain unspectacular crystal at school gives them "DreamVolk" powers to enter the dream world.

This is the first in a trilogy, "The Beginning" introduces the reader into the "DreamVolk" world.

Their guide "Boon" (a talking ball of light), teaches them about this world and the power they can unlock from within themselves. They can enter people's dreams that are asleep in their vicinity. Once there they can help them unravel the dreams meaning and help the dreamer keep their dream energy rather than loose it through negative feelings and actions.

Ever woke up feeling low, no energy and depressed after a night's sleep? Maybe you need a visit from a DreamVolk.

But there is a dark side, for every "DreamVolk" who wants to keep balance in the dream world there is also a "DireVolk" who wants the energy for themselves and the benefits they can gain from controlling people's dreams.

So why did I write a book?

In 1988 whilst at polytechnic (geez I feel old) I had an idea for a story based around the ability to enter other people's dreams. In 2016 my ten year old son came back from school clutching an A4 piece of paper called "2 Symbols" that he had written that day. The similarities were uncanny and it ignited my desire to actually sit and write "DreamVolk" (some 28 years later!)

Originally not set for the YA audience (in 1988), I used my original ideas but made them more 'child' friendly with my ten year old son as my harshest critique. Once finished I had a few books printed and used his school library and my circle of friends as further test readers.

Free sample

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